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Looking to add some eye candy at your next event?   See the difference with Redrocket Productions. Unparalleled flexibility a high definition LED video wall can provide.  Available in both indoor and outdoor options, our LED panels can be configured to a dimension of your choice.

Perfect for concerts, trade shows,
house-of-worship, TV Shows & Movies, sporting and corporate events.

There's a reason you see LED walls at every concert and sporting event!  Unlike traditional projectors, LED panels can be viewed clearly in complete daylight. 
Our high-quality panels are made by Absen LED.  We offer an indoor/outdoor model with a pitch of 5.0mm and water rated at IP65.  (In short, it can get hit with rain!) and our HD 2.8mm indoor-only modules.
Let us design and install an
attention-grabbing display for you! 

Pixel Pitch Evolution

20 mm.jpg

Ten Years Ago, 20mm Pixel Pitch was the norm.


5 Years Ago 8mm Pixel Pitch was the norm


3 Years Ago, 5mm Pixel Pitch was the norm.


Today, 3mm and under Pixel Pitch is in High Demand!